Add some Fire to the room

Fire is about passion, energy, love, sensuality, abundance, power. The colour RED activates fire and generates warmth.

If your first Chakra has low energy, you can use red decoration or fabrics to enhance it.

Pillows, rugs, flowers, all red. Easy to change afterwards when your first Chakra is powerful again.

Choose a room

Go ahead and pick one room in your house that is too neutral, cold, boring or that has no personality and needs a little bit of ressurection.

Choose an item

Now look around and decide what object, decoration, piece of fabric or furniture can be replaced, what red item would look good in the room.

Be creative!

You can use items that represent fire – like candles, lighting or sun decorations.

Choose to keep the ballance

When you feel the overall energy is harmonius again and you’ve gained your passion, sensuality and power back, be careful to mantain it!

Air, Water, Fire, Earth – Please!

What kind of energy do you mainly have in your …composition?

Are you the FIRE type, with strong passion and power, always enthusiastic, vivid for adventure?

Or are you like WATER – adaptable, transparent, emotionally flowing, intuitive and artistic?

Maybe you are stable, practical and present to everything around you, having a lot of EARTH energy.

Or is the AIR energy your mirror – mental, analitical, intelectually stimulating and social?

We all have a dominant leading energy. The other ones surround it and sometimes support it. But not always is equilibrium inside of us. If one type of energy is too powerful, then there is no harmony. We have to balance them all.

Of course being aware of them is the first step.

The second is finding out what can help us to bring balance.

And this can be DECORATION. I know, funny.

The thing is that all these essential elements have to be present in a harmonious way in your home. If one or more are in excess, you can do something about it.

◆ Too much fire will make you feel anxious.

◆ But too much water will bring sadness.

◆ If there are too many earthly decorations and colours you will be too fixed and stubborn.

◆ If there are too many earthly decorations and colours you will be too fixed and stubborn.

Every illness can be the reason for an overflow of such energies. But you can use this technique to heal it – if you have too much of one element in your personality, then use the other elements more.


Your home can change your life

So, you’re wondering how on Earth can a house influence your life. And why. Well, let me explain.

It’s like saying your partner or your friends have no impact on you. You’re spending time with them, so just being around them changes the way you feel. Or your clothes. If you wear something you absolutly love, I bet you have a great day. The same thing with everything you interact with, human or object, place or event.

So, of course, your home transforms your mood. Even your thinking, because hey!, who’s not talking to himself about everything he sees? You can secretly complain about areas of your house, criticizing that furniture or that wall colour or maybe the lack of a better organization .. your mind constantly chatters about problems in the nearby proximity, and that’s the way it functions, for your own sake and protection!

Now imagine you pimp your home so marvelously that your monkey mind not only can’t find anything to stress about but is in awe, complimenting everything it sees, finding apreciation and bragging yourself for the good choices you made.

So, how can these perspectives influence your day? How can a beautiful, organized home or the opposite transform your inner dialogue and even your personality?

Well, because one can make you feel content, peaceful, worthy, and the other – anxious, with low self esteem and sad.

These aspects create further actions, becoming lifestyles and attitudes that dictates the choices you make and therefore your quality of life!

This is a BIG deal.

So, yes, take care of your home so that you can live happily ever after. And be aware of the huge pottential that’s buried underneath.

10 things I love about myself

1. The fact that I exist here and now, I’m grateful that I am me, in this body, in this life circumstances

2. My good intentions for close people and mankind

3. I love my strange sense of humour

4. My one and only unique journey, everything I experienced and nobody else knows but me

5. That I am very very creative and can improvise with flexibility

6. My sense of freedom, adventure and vision

7. My empathy, mediator cappabilities and the belief that everyone has a reason for their behavour

8. My awareness that we are so small creatures on a very small rock flying in space like atoms and everything is fractal, so.. I like my ability to expand my consciousness and realize life is a dream

9. That through my work I aim to create justice, harmony, peace and health

10. That I am not afraid of death

Is your home fighting you?

I didn’t intend to write about these unpleasant possibilities you can have with your house, but.. as I experienced something similar today, the red flag turned on so here I am.

Houses are very much alike human beings. The same way we experience being sick, having a cold, a tooth pain or a disease, buildings and interior spaces communicate their own problems through the following signs: plumbing or electrical issues, foundation and structural difficulties, roof problems or water leaks (and many more…).

Now, of course that when we deal with such matters, we try to fix them as soon as possible and then we happily mind our own business. But, as you can easily notice, my approach is much more complex, mixing a birds eye-view of any situation with the purpose of self-growing.

That means that when a problem like this appears in my home, I go through a self-questionaire, because it’s a great opportunity for personal growth. I immediatly understand that my house is somehow fighting me. That’s because its needs haven’t been met and it wants to send me a message, to help me go to a deeper level of self-awareness.

The house mirrors us and our true needs. Keeping broken things and ignoring fixing the reccuring problems means that we run away from our responsabilities. When we’ll free our houses from this burden we’ll find a way to fixing the problems in our lifes too!

Here’s some things we can focus on, depending on the house problems we face:

Wall and ceiling cracks, because the foundation and structural framework are weak and were poorly designed from the beginning

What we can reflect on:

  • do we have some cracks in our soul too? what are the things that upset us deep down?
  • do we ignore or don’t prioritize the most essential aspects of our lifes?

Doors and windows locked or not closing

What we can reflect on:

  • do we need extra protection or do we invite anything in regardless our healthy boundaries?
  • are our boundaries well defined? is it hard for us to say No or Yes, fully?

Poor water pressure, floods, water stains, drains problems, mold

What we can reflect on:

  • water means emotions, so we can get in touch with our feelings to find out the emotional imbalance
  • there can be repressed emotions that must be expressed or overflowing feelings that need to be healthy directed

Exposed wires, broken or warm outlets, broken switches, flickering lights

What we can reflect on:

  • our own inner fire and flow of energy
  • is our creativity expressed? do we feel motivation and passion for following our dreams?

From here you can play and improvise…

So, to sum it up, when any problem appears in your home, fix it, reflect on it and then grow from it.

The house that speaks

Did you know your home is an entity that has its own language? And for those who listen and have eyes wide open, it tells the story of You?

All the houses in the world are sponges of energy and memories. They hold together every single thought and emotion everyone that lived there had.

The energetic imprint is like a clothing a house is dressed into. It becomes the houses personality.

Is it a happy or a sad home? Anxious or relaxed, with energy blocked or flowing freely? Does it have creative, fun qualities or is it a serious one? Is it attractive or plain? Is it open to people or is it shy? What about enthusiasm and boredom, in what procentage?

Now you understand that your home talks about you?

To better see the reality of this affirmation, I challenge you to play a game. Scan your home and find all the objects, furniture, colours and materials that are not resonating with you, that no longer represent you. They are like pieces of clothing that doesn’t fit you anymore and make you feel uncomfortable.

Now it’s your choice what is the best action for these out of date items, but I’ll tell you one thing: your house will appreciate the final result 😉

Despre culoarea mov

E ceva legat de culoarea asta care inspiră profunzime și mister. Parcă adună în ea o taină plină de eleganță și necunoscut, ce deschide enigme și răspândește grație.

De cele mai multe ori calitățile astea lipsesc din casele noastre, dar e atât de ușor să le integrăm.

Fie cu ajutorul unui tablou cu nuanțe violet, ale unor așternuturi lila, unui ametist sau a unor flori de levănțică. Un covor mov, perne decorative sau chiar un întreg perete liliachiu. Posibilitățile sunt infinite.

Dar partea cea mai interesantă e că această culoare atrage bogăția și belșugul. Nu știu de ce, dar așa se simte. Poate pentru că purpuriul era o culoare purtată de oamenii cei mai înalți din societate – preoți, nobili, regi? Sau poate pentru că are legătură cu ultimul centru de energie?
Cert e că nu e vorba doar de abundență materială, ci de prosperitate pe toate planurile vieții, o expandare a gândurilor înalte și a conștiinței.

Oricum ar fi, îți propun o idee:

◆ Urmatoarea dată când cumperi un obiect sau o țesătură pentru casa ta, alege ceva cu tente mov.

◆ Fă un mic ritual înainte de folosire – stai linistit, respiră de câteva ori adânc, închide ochii și conectează-te cu obiectul respectiv.

◆ Observă ce zonă din tine se activează, ce gânduri îți vin. Fii martorul senzațiilor din corp. Ce îți transmite culoarea mov? Ce calități dezvoltă în tine și cu ce vrea să contribuie în viața ta?

◆ Apoi pune-ți intenția ca de fiecare dată când privirea îți cade pe acel obiect purpuriu, să îți amintești ce ai simțit în momentul meditației și ființa ta să acceseze instantaneu înțelepciunea pe care ai descoperit-o atunci.

◆ Ultimul pas este sa așezi obiectul undeva de unde îl poți admira cât mai des, poate în fața patului, lângă oglinda de la baie, pe birou, pe masa din bucătărie.

La nivel subconștient culorile ne afectează enorm, influențându-ne gândurile, emoțiile și acțiunile. Urmările acestui fapt se concretizează după mai mult timp de folosință a culorii respective, așa că trebuie să avem răbdare și să observăm efectele pe termen lung.

Fii sincer!

Când trăim într-un spațiu armonios și echilibrat, care ne reprezintă, începem să devenim mai conștienți de noi. Și să avem liniște să ne punem întrebări importante.

De exemplu:
Cum mi-ar plăcea să-mi trăiesc viața, dacă nu ar trebui să …?
Dacă aș avea … , ce aș face apoi?
Ce nevoi necunoscute am și cum pot să mi le indeplinesc?
Cum aș putea să contribui în comunitatea mea?
Ce domenii sau pasiuni mi-ar plăcea să aprofundez?
Și așa mai departe..

Scopul real al unei amenajari este liniștea mentală, bucuria si energia creatoare pe care o putem experimenta după!

Tu ce întrebări ți-ai pune dacă totul în jurul tău te-ar susține să îți îndrepți atenția spre tine și viața ta?

Limbajul spațiului înconjurător

Spațiul în care locuiești vorbește o limbă secretă cu subconștientul tău, sau cu spațiul tău interior.

Asta înseamnă că locuința ta are o forță uriașă, nebănuită, în viața ta.

Cu cât alegi să observi și să devii conștient de țesătura dintre cele doua lumi, interioară și exterioară, cu atât mai mult vei putea să creezi și să fii ceea ce iti dorești.

A sosit momentul să ne ocupăm de interiorul casei noastre!

Avem nevoie să ne întelegem casa și să o vedem, în primul rând, cu adevarat.

Ce funcționează? Ce nu mai funcționeaza? De ce? Ce aș vrea diferit? Cum pot să obțin asta? Întrebările sunt de bază.

Sunt spații sau o camera în care te simți inspirit, ușor și împacăt? Dacă nu, e cazul să transformi ceva care nu te mai ajută în ceva care te susține.

Alege să îți transformi locuința, să o remodelezi și adaptezi în funcție de nevoile tale reale și profunde!