The house that speaks

Did you know your home is an entity that has its own language? And for those who listen and have eyes wide open, it tells the story of You?

All the houses in the world are sponges of energy and memories. They hold together every single thought and emotion everyone that lived there had.

The energetic imprint is like a clothing a house is dressed into. It becomes the houses personality.

Is it a happy or a sad home? Anxious or relaxed, with energy blocked or flowing freely? Does it have creative, fun qualities or is it a serious one? Is it attractive or plain? Is it open to people or is it shy? What about enthusiasm and boredom, in what procentage?

Now you understand that your home talks about you?

To better see the reality of this affirmation, I challenge you to play a game. Scan your home and find all the objects, furniture, colours and materials that are not resonating with you, that no longer represent you. They are like pieces of clothing that doesn’t fit you anymore and make you feel uncomfortable.

Now it’s your choice what is the best action for these out of date items, but I’ll tell you one thing: your house will appreciate the final result 😉