Add some Fire to the room

Fire is about passion, energy, love, sensuality, abundance, power. The colour RED activates fire and generates warmth.

If your first Chakra has low energy, you can use red decoration or fabrics to enhance it.

Pillows, rugs, flowers, all red. Easy to change afterwards when your first Chakra is powerful again.

Choose a room

Go ahead and pick one room in your house that is too neutral, cold, boring or that has no personality and needs a little bit of ressurection.

Choose an item

Now look around and decide what object, decoration, piece of fabric or furniture can be replaced, what red item would look good in the room.

Be creative!

You can use items that represent fire – like candles, lighting or sun decorations.

Choose to keep the ballance

When you feel the overall energy is harmonius again and you?ve gained your passion, sensuality and power back, be careful to mantain it!

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