Is your home fighting you?

I didn’t intend to write about these unpleasant possibilities you can have with your house, but.. as I experienced something similar today, the red flag turned on so here I am.

Houses are very much alike human beings. The same way we experience being sick, having a cold, a tooth pain or a disease, buildings and interior spaces communicate their own problems through the following signs: plumbing or electrical issues, foundation and structural difficulties, roof problems or water leaks (and many more…).

Now, of course that when we deal with such matters, we try to fix them as soon as possible and then we happily mind our own business. But, as you can easily notice, my approach is much more complex, mixing a birds eye-view of any situation with the purpose of self-growing.

That means that when a problem like this appears in my home, I go through a self-questionaire, because it’s a great opportunity for personal growth. I immediatly understand that my house is somehow fighting me. That’s because its needs haven’t been met and it wants to send me a message, to help me go to a deeper level of self-awareness.

The house mirrors us and our true needs. Keeping broken things and ignoring fixing the reccuring problems means that we run away from our responsabilities. When we’ll free our houses from this burden we’ll find a way to fixing the problems in our lifes too!

Here’s some things we can focus on, depending on the house problems we face:

Wall and ceiling cracks, because the foundation and structural framework are weak and were poorly designed from the beginning

What we can reflect on:

  • do we have some cracks in our soul too? what are the things that upset us deep down?
  • do we ignore or don’t prioritize the most essential aspects of our lifes?

Doors and windows locked or not closing

What we can reflect on:

  • do we need extra protection or do we invite anything in regardless our healthy boundaries?
  • are our boundaries well defined? is it hard for us to say No or Yes, fully?

Poor water pressure, floods, water stains, drains problems, mold

What we can reflect on:

  • water means emotions, so we can get in touch with our feelings to find out the emotional imbalance
  • there can be repressed emotions that must be expressed or overflowing feelings that need to be healthy directed

Exposed wires, broken or warm outlets, broken switches, flickering lights

What we can reflect on:

  • our own inner fire and flow of energy
  • is our creativity expressed? do we feel motivation and passion for following our dreams?

From here you can play and improvise…

So, to sum it up, when any problem appears in your home, fix it, reflect on it and then grow from it.